Special Meditation session – Free

Let’s Keep Calm and Enhance Positivity within and around us. SPECIAL MEDITATION SESSION BY HH SWAMIGURU Tuesday (24 March 2020) at 8.00 PM (Kuala Lumpur time) Join the session: https://zoom.us/j/2802448356 Guide:1. Download the Zoom app on your devices.2. Click on the link provided.3. Tap on Click into device Audio. (find the headphone/mic icon at theContinue reading “Special Meditation session – Free”

Believe or Faith

A person started walking on a rope that was tied between two tall towers. He walked slowly balancing a long stick in his hands and with his son sitting on his shoulders. The people in his surrounds stood watching him with bated breath. They were very anxious about his safety. When the man slowly reachedContinue reading “Believe or Faith”

Secret of A Happy Life

To whom you give importance in your life is the secret of a happy life. If you give importance to materialistic, relationship, career, success, mental peace etc., individually you’re not going to achieve a happy life as you’re running behind so many. At one point you feel tired. Just focus and give priority to GODContinue reading “Secret of A Happy Life”