Always A Student!

A true teacher always learn at every single moment, from every single experience and every single opportunity regardless of the person image, status etc., In simple, a teacher who graduated in 30 years ago cannot continue teaching the current subject or syllabus if he/she never learn or upgrade themselves. Be a student always and keepContinue reading “Always A Student!”

Unload the Burden…

What does it mean? Do make your effort on your task, but do not worry about whether get success or fail.. forget, what if!? Just go with the plan. Make the plan realistic. When you plan realistic you feel that you can make it.. so need the backup plan. You just do it. It simplyContinue reading “Unload the Burden…”

LET go!

As we go on life we hook ourselves in so many things like family, friends, emotions, love, colleague… if this list is always sweet memories then it’s good. But, we also on-board lot of other things like negativity, sorrow, bad gossips, overthinking, inferiority, superiority, ego etc., etc., which actually turns into traumas that affects youContinue reading “LET go!”

A Timeless Book!

Recently, I read this book from the new Author HH SwamiGuru Actually, I wondered by the book name and was thinking how come a book can make miracles to a person unless it really has a magic spells. Slowly I have started reading it.As I read this book, I actually realized there is some magicContinue reading “A Timeless Book!”