Online Sleep Therapy Meditation Session

‼️ Trouble falling asleep?‼️ Worry and stress keeping you up?‼️ Unsure of the world post-COVID? Join our Sleep Therapy session on 25 April 2020 9.00pm where you can :🔆 Meditate and heal🔆 Relieve stress and worries🔆 Clear your mind and enhance inner peace Click to Register NOW : (A special meditation session conducted byContinue reading “Online Sleep Therapy Meditation Session”

Special Meditation session – Free

Let’s Keep Calm and Enhance Positivity within and around us. SPECIAL MEDITATION SESSION BY HH SWAMIGURU Tuesday (24 March 2020) at 8.00 PM (Kuala Lumpur time) Join the session: Guide:1. Download the Zoom app on your devices.2. Click on the link provided.3. Tap on Click into device Audio. (find the headphone/mic icon at theContinue reading “Special Meditation session – Free”

LET go!

As we go on life we hook ourselves in so many things like family, friends, emotions, love, colleague… if this list is always sweet memories then it’s good. But, we also on-board lot of other things like negativity, sorrow, bad gossips, overthinking, inferiority, superiority, ego etc., etc., which actually turns into traumas that affects youContinue reading “LET go!”