Sada means “always” and Shiva to “auspicious,”Sadashiva is “the one who is always happy, loving and auspicious.”It is believed that one can find Sadashiva deep within oneself. While the whole world is changing, the body, mind and energies change, but deep inside SadaShiva remains the same. Although challenges may arise on the external level, SadaShivaContinue reading “SadaShiva!”

Lord Murugan as Sathru SamharaMoorthy

At the famous Shivan temple named Sayavanam, Lord Murugan gives darshan as a Sathru SamharaMoorthy with bow and arrow as HE was ready to go for war. There is a believe that this Deity was found in the sea. In HIS right leg HE is wearing the anklet (Veera Kandaramani) that Lord Shiva gave HIM.Continue reading “Lord Murugan as Sathru SamharaMoorthy”