Secret of A Happy Life

To whom you give importance in your life is the secret of a happy life. If you give importance to materialistic, relationship, career, success, mental peace etc., individually you’re not going to achieve a happy life as you’re running behind so many. At one point you feel tired. Just focus and give priority to GODContinue reading “Secret of A Happy Life”

Unload the Burden…

What does it mean? Do make your effort on your task, but do not worry about whether get success or fail.. forget, what if!? Just go with the plan. Make the plan realistic. When you plan realistic you feel that you can make it.. so need the backup plan. You just do it. It simplyContinue reading “Unload the Burden…”

LET go!

As we go on life we hook ourselves in so many things like family, friends, emotions, love, colleague… if this list is always sweet memories then it’s good. But, we also on-board lot of other things like negativity, sorrow, bad gossips, overthinking, inferiority, superiority, ego etc., etc., which actually turns into traumas that affects youContinue reading “LET go!”