Online Sleep Therapy Meditation Session

‼️ Trouble falling asleep?
‼️ Worry and stress keeping you up?
‼️ Unsure of the world post-COVID?

Join our Sleep Therapy session on 25 April 2020 9.00pm where you can :
🔆 Meditate and heal
🔆 Relieve stress and worries
🔆 Clear your mind and enhance inner peace

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(A special meditation session conducted by HH SwamiGuru)

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A Special Mantra Meditation session conducted to create the awareness of the benefits and power of those ancient mantras created by Rishis and Devas in the olden days. It was a great session with HH SwamiGuru to listen and learn the benefits of the Mantra and Meditated with HIM together via online.

Jai Guruve Saranam!

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