There’s NO STORM that GOD won’t carry you through.

NO BRIDGE that GODwon’t help you cross.

NO BATTLE that GOD won’t help you win.

NO HEARTACHE that GOD won’t help you let go of.

HE is SO much bigger than anything you will face today.

Leave everything in HIS hands and embrace this day confidently knowing that HE WILL take care of you.

HH SwamiGuru

Special Meditation session – Free

Let’s Keep Calm and Enhance Positivity within and around us.


Tuesday (24 March 2020) at 8.00 PM (Kuala Lumpur time)

Join the session: https://zoom.us/j/2802448356

1. Download the Zoom app on your devices.
2. Click on the link provided.
3. Tap on Click into device Audio. (find the headphone/mic icon at the bottom of your screen)
4. Recommended using earphones/headphones.
5. You can stay anonymous by muting your video and mic should you wish to.

PM us should you have any queries. Thank you! Let’s Go!

Simple way to Change

To change yourself or others, first, you have to understand a few things.
What are you gonna change? and why? and Who?

Understanding is not only from your perspective or anyone’s based on your likes and dislikes. UNDERSTAND holistically.

Once understood, REFLECT the change of what you have understood before put it into action to or on others.

Be the CHANGE what that you want to bring out.

Finally, LIVE as the change consistently. Then, others will just follow.

Believe or Faith

A person started walking on a rope that was tied between two tall towers. He walked slowly balancing a long stick in his hands and with his son sitting on his shoulders.

The people in his surrounds stood watching him with bated breath. They were very anxious about his safety. When the man slowly reached the second tower every one clapped, whistled and
welcomed him. They shook hands with him and even took selfies.

The man then asked the crowd “Do you all think I can walk back on the same rope now from this side to that side. The
entire crowd shouted in one voice “Yes,Yes,you can”.
“Do you have faith in me?”, he asked. They responded in unison, “Yes, yes, we are ready to bet on you”.

To this response , the man asked, “Okay then, can any one of you sit on my shoulder? I will take you to the other side safely”

There was stunned silence. Every one bacame quiet.

Belief is different. Faith is different. For Faith you need total surrender.
This is what we lack towards God in today’s world.

We believe in God. But do we have faith in Him?

Secret of A Happy Life

To whom you give importance in your life is the secret of a happy life. If you give importance to materialistic, relationship, career, success, mental peace etc., individually you’re not going to achieve a happy life as you’re running behind so many. At one point you feel tired. Just focus and give priority to GOD who is COMPLETE. When you focus on the completeness and you have contentment that leads to you a happy life.

Where could SHE be?

Man: I was on the plane to Madurai from Chennai. The seat next to me was empty. I dozed off even before the flight took off.

I woke up in a few minutes and saw a middle-aged lady seated in the next seat.

Mother: With such a big question in mind, why are you reading a book like this? SHE asked.

Man: I looked at HER in surprise.

(The lady next to my seat had already changed into wearing Green color saree )

Mother: “I am visible only to your eyes. Ask the question that troubles your mind.

Man: Mother! YOU preside as Meenatchi in Madurai, Kamatchi in Kanchipuram, Visalatchi in Kasi, In Thirunelveli as Gandhimathi and Abhirami in Thirukkadiyur.

Which is YOUR favorite place?

Mother: You fool! I am not in Madurai, Kanchipuram or Kasi. All the places are within ME. I am not even in the world. This world is within me.”

Man: “Mother! Please do not be philosophical about it. What is Your favorite place? ‘

Mother: “I am a GOD, who does not have any preference (wants).”

Man:” Philosophy Again? Tell me what your favorite place is.”

Mother: “Look at the scene happening there”

Location: Mumbai. A six-year-old girl sits down in front of a cardiac surgeon. She is to have complex heart surgery the next day.

Her parents are waiting outside.

Doctor: “There is nothing to fear. You don’t have to worry. I take care of it. ”

Girl: ” Oh Dr.! I’m not afraid. Just let me know one thing

Doctor: ” Tell me”

Girl: “Are you going to open to my heart and see it, right?”

Doctor: Yes. This is open Heart Surgery. Need to open the heart and do it. But you won’t feel any pain.

Girl: I am not afraid of that Dr. My mother prays to God every day. One day I asked her where does God reside. She said God is in my heart.

When you open my heart and you will be see GOD. After the operation, can you let me know how God looks like?

Doctor: The Doctor took the child in his arms, full of surprise.

The next day, the operation started.
Problems were greater than he thought. At one point everything went downhill. Forty-five minutes after the operation begins the blood that went to the heart stopped. It seemed that the little girl would no longer survive …

The girl’s body must be returned to her parents after the operation. Sigh! what a life it is!

It was then, he remembered what the girl had told him, on the day earlier. She believed that God exists within her heart!

Still wearing the mask that had been untied, he looked at the heart that was beating weakly and prayed to the heart.

“Dear Lord, this child believes that you are in her heart. I failed in my attempt to save this life. This child is in YOUR hands. The life and death of this child are in YOUR hands. I surrender all the education that I learned, all the skills that I have gained in these years at YOUR feet.”

This child is YOUR’s from now on. He had tears in his eyes. His assistant who was standing by the side, screamed.

Assistant: ” Dr! The heart is beating well. Blood pressure is rising.”

The specialist proceeded from where he left the surgery.

The treatment continued for four and a half hours. The child’s life was saved.

Nowadays, that specialist does not go to the temple anymore.

Whenever he sees the human heart drenched in blood, he joins hands and prays. Every time he surrenders his education and talents to GOD’s feet and treats the patient without any tension.

The announcement was made that the plane would land in Chennai in ten more minutes.

Mother: “Now you know, where’s my favorite place?”

Man: ” Yes, MOTHER. The best temples are the hearts of those who have faith in YOUR love.

YOU shine in the hands of dedicated people who believe that their deeds are nothing and everything is HER act.

Mother: If someone shed tears for the another person, with true love, this Uma Maheswari, will be in those tears.

Don’t forget this lesson forever!

As the plane touched the ground, the green saree lady disappeared.

Matha Jaya Om Lalithambigai!!
Thank you to Varalotti Rengasamy!!

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