1 Day Meditation Retreat @ Malaysia

A perfect break from your routine for some “ME” time. Quick Restart 1-Day Programme At the end of this retreat, you will feel rejuvenated, lighter, well-rested, energized and empowered to do more. More importantly, you will love and enjoy your own company better than before. Join us on 25th July 2020 (9.00am till 5.00pm) toContinue reading “1 Day Meditation Retreat @ Malaysia”

A Timeless Book!

Recently, I read this book from the new Author HH SwamiGuru Actually, I wondered by the book name and was thinking how come a book can make miracles to a person unless it really has a magic spells. Slowly I have started reading it.As I read this book, I actually realized there is some magicContinue reading “A Timeless Book!”